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School renovation completed within an 8-week summer break to add new office space, a library, and entry lobby for the elementary school.

New York, NY


Project Management

For a number of years, this UES school has collaborated with Eurostruct on a long-term program of capital improvements, which included a 2015 renovation project designed by Murphy Burnham Buttrick Architects. The project involved constructing new office support space, a library, and an entry lobby for the elementary school, along with reinforcing the new entrance. To minimize disruption to the school's operations, the renovation was planned to be completed within an eight-week summer break window. The project's completion within this timeline was non-negotiable as the entire elementary school depended on it to begin operating. The submittal and RFI process for the project was front-loaded, beginning the prior winter, and the construction schedule was tightly managed day-to-day.


Design: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick 

Construction: Eurostruct, Inc 

Photography: Charles De Vaivre

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