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We improve the built environment for the benefit of the community.


Vela Projects is a construction consulting firm offering project management and owner's representative services.

Our mission is to help mission-oriented clients to successfully navigate the complexities of building projects.

Its core services include owner's representation, construction management, and project management. With expertise in construction, architecture, and real estate development, Vela's strength is communication and integration among building-related specialties.


Vela treats each building project as unique, involving a combination of favorable and challenging factors. Vela recognizes the importance of considering dynamic factors like jurisdictional barriers, consultant capacity, construction costs, and weather conditions. Named after the word for "sail" in Spanish, Vela believes that successful projects are completed through skillful navigation, utilizing precedent and experience to adapt, ensuring effective and efficient completion.

Vela Projects offers turn-key or targeted services, filling knowledge gaps to efficiently meet quality and budget goals.


Vela Projects is a multidisciplinary construction consulting firm with a mission to enhance the built environment for people.


  • Building Concept Design

  • Project Vision and Strategy

  • Project Goal Setting


  • Site Studies

  • Code Compliance Analysis

  • Maximum Site Yield Analysis

  • Project Feasibility Studies

  • Site Due Diligence Management

  • Community Engagement


  • Owner's Representation

  • High-Level Project Management

  • Project Cost and Timeline

  • Optimization and Management

  • Consultant Team Vetting
    and Onboarding

  • Construction Team Management

  • ​Jurisdictional ​Coordination


Ken was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to Japanese immigrant parents and has resided in the United States for more than 20 years. Growing up in a multicultural environment, he learned the significance of effective communication and respecting diverse beliefs. With 17 years of experience in the building industry spanning a wide range of areas, Ken brings a wealth of expertise to his work. As an architect, he excels at transforming visions into reality, while his construction management background taught him the value of efficient planning and adaptable strategies through clear communication. Currently, he focuses on real estate developments, overseeing a team of consultants, architects, and builders. Ken holds dual degrees in architecture and fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is a licensed architect in New York and Oregon State, a former construction superintendent in New York City, and actively contributes to professional organizations like AREAA, the Urban Land Institute, and LatinoBuilt.


I've had the immense pleasure of working alongside Ken during our involvement with the Asian Real Estate Association of America, Portland Chapter. Without a doubt, Ken has proven himself to be a highly respected colleague and an exceptional friend to many within our organization. In 2022, during a critical period where the future of our association hung in the balance due to a lack of strong leadership, Ken selflessly stepped up to serve as interim President. His decision to take on this responsibility was not only commendable but also instrumental in ensuring the organization's stability. With steady dedication, Ken skillfully navigated through the challenges we faced, modeling a commitment to change and fostering a spirit of collaboration and honest dialogue. Under Ken's leadership, our organization has experienced a remarkable transformation. With an open and inclusive mindset, Ken has cultivated a culture that uplifts and embraces all members of our growing 150+ community. His unwavering support for those around him, driven by his strong social conscience, has created an environment built on trust, where every member's ideas are not only valued but also nurtured. Throughout his second term, Ken has harnessed his strengths to implement crucial systems and forge invaluable community partnerships that will ensure the long-term success of our organization. His thoughtful and strategic approach to problem-solving make him an invaluable asset to any project. It is with great confidence that I wholeheartedly recommend Ken to anyone seeking his professional expertise. His exceptional leadership, dedication, and genuine passion for fostering collaboration and inclusivity have made a lasting impact on our organization and those within it.

Tam Hixson Real Estate Agent

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken on several early stage affordable housing development projects. Ken is thorough, diligent and his project management skills give the team confidence that the job will stay on track. Ken has been an integral member of the team and often the glue that holds everything together. He is adept at project feasibility, zoning analysis and design, all while keeping an eye on both the day-to-day tasks and the long-term goals of the project. His broad experience has allowed him to quickly get up to speed on the nuances of affordable housing development, despite the complexity of the work. Ken is extremely detail-oriented and it’s clear that he cares deeply about the work he engages with.

Daryn Murphy Principal

North Develpment Group

Ken is professional, upbeat, and communicative. I found working with Ken to be a smooth experience. Ken takes time to get to know who you are as a person and the work of your organization. I highly recommend Ken to provide the services you need!

Jackie Leung Executive Director Micronesian Islander Community


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